Minh T. Tran

Vice President of Operations
Minh T. Tran

Minh T. Tran has been with BlackStone Discovery since the company was founded, and is responsible for its operations. As Vice President of Operations responsible for the EDD and related production groups, Minh has established himself as an expert in the delivery of electronic discovery services. Minh has significant experience building solutions and managing large-scale computer forensic collections and electronic discovery projects.

Minh has been delivering a high quality customer experience and profitable results since joining BlackStone. Under his leadership, companywide core values were clearly defined and productivity was consistently increased.

His ability to supervise the operations team while managing client relationships has been an influential part of BlackStone’s growing success. Minh is also a cross functional workhorse, assisting the rest of the team with IT, accounting, and client services. Without his hard work and dedication of keeping the operations team on track throughout three different shifts of the day, BlackStone would not be able to keep its core value of always keeping clients in control.

Minh brings over a decade of professional services and production management experience to his role at BlackStone Discovery. Prior to joining the company, Minh held management positions at Remec Semiconductor, H&R Block and SCKS. In these roles, Minh developed his consultative approach while delivering consistent financial results and maintaining high-level client relationships. Minh holds a Bachelor of Arts in Accounting from University of Phoenix. Find Minh on LinkedIn