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BlackStone Discovery Early Case Consulting Group

BlackStone’s Early Case Consulting Group to Leverage LexisNexis Industry-Leading
Analytics, Clustering and Near-Duping Technologies

Silicon Valley, California -May 6, 2014- BlackStone Discovery, a leading provider of managed eDiscovery services for Am Law 100 firms and Fortune 500 corporations, today announced continued development of its Early Case Consulting (ECC) group through a major investment in LexisNexis enterprise software for eDiscovery.

BlackStone’s ECC group works with corporate clients in matters involving early data and case analysis. Consulting with industry leading technology, the firm’s experienced team identifies, validates and tests data, as well as assists with early case assessment, eDiscovery budgeting and search term development strategies. ECC is trained to defensibly set the foundation for a concise data set that will keep processing and review costs low and predictable.

BlackStone recognizes the overwhelming need for early data evaluation to significantly reduce discovery and attorney review costs by providing a window into the universe of data prior to processing and review. Critical to successful early case evaluation is a combination of technology and consulting expertise.

The full implementation of LexisNexis eDiscovery software solutions to BlackStone’s established ECC group truly bridges the gap between technology and expertise. Specific software tools — such as the LexisNexis Early Data Analyzer (EDA) platform — have already made significant contributions to BlackStone’s Forensic Services Group (FSG). Full implementation of LexisNexis software has brought additional training and resources in the areas of early case analysis, clustering, near-duplicate identification, email threading and customized filters.

“Our technology acquisition group spends countless hours each year vetting eDiscovery software solutions that will benefit our clients and keep up with our client’s evolving data needs” stated John P. Kelly CEO and President of BlackStone Discovery. “LexisNexis offers the perfect platform because they have a forward-looking approach to software development and deliver unparalleled training and technical support. We count on LN’s modernization in a marketplace filled with outdated software solutions that have been either consolidated or only solve one part of the equation.”

The improved platform will enable BlackStone’s ECC Group to deliver clients uniquely customized approaches to early case analysis, filtering, indexing, and searching.

Blackstone was recently engaged by an R&D-based client involved in litigation where core intellectual property assets were at issue. Because of the extreme sensitivity of the data potentially involved in the litigation, BlackStone was requested to perform early analysis, filtering, and culling at client’s location inside of client’s secure network. BlackStone’s ECC Group was able to leverage the LexisNexis Early Data Analyzer software and the BlackStone litigation expertise to complete early data analysis of a 250 GB data set within days and achieve a cull rate of 95% on the data. This allowed the client to produce all relevant documents prior to a settlement conference and dispose of the case before significant litigation costs were incurred. The ECC Group was able to maintain the highest confidentiality standards, process the data with great efficiency, reduce the review dataset for the client, and significantly reduce client’s eDiscovery and outside legal spend.


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"The Blackstone team has been an invaluable extension of our litigation teams for many years. [The BlackStone Team] always take a personal interest in our work and deliver a quality product within the confines of our demanding deadlines. The Blackstone team has assisted us with document collections, discovery matters and trial preparation.  Blackstone is an excellent eDiscovery partner for us."

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"As a longtime client, I rely on BlackStone Discovery for their comprehensive eDiscovery support services. BlackStone has the technical understanding and experienced project management to support our diverse needs. Whether it's forensic collection, early case assessment, ESI processing, hosting, or general litigation support I would highly recommend the BlackStone Discovery team."

Todd Roberts, Ropers Majeski Kohn & Bentley
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"The BlackStone team took the time to fully understand our requirements for discovery and was able to come up with a custom solution to our needs. They have been nothing but professional and provided us with the some of the most powerful tools in the industry to get our data culling, tagging, filtering, and conversions done quickly and efficiently"

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