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BlackStone Discovery, Silicon Valley’s E-Discovery Thought Leader, Delivers The First Comprehensive Litigation Support Services Survey

Silicon Valley, CA – BlackStone Discovery, a leading provider of litigation support services for law firms and corporations, successfully launched and completed the first Litigation Support Services Survey in Silicon Valley. BlackStone received relevant feedback from over 275 legal professionals, ranging from active corporate users and general counsels to highly technical litigation support professionals and legal assistants within Am Law 100 firms.

The survey began by collecting anonymous information about each responder in order to segment the participants by their role within the enterprise, their experience with litigation service providers, and their e-discovery acumen. The survey then explored the responder’s perspective on the litigation support services available today and the support services needed for tomorrow. Lastly the survey gathered feedback specific to BlackStone Discovery, examining the areas of expertise and the areas of opportunity facing BlackStone.

The survey results centered on three key themes – “Cost Consistency”, “Forensic Collection Challenges” & “Vendor Instability”. Per the survey, the inability for corporations to accurately identify, profile and budget for NPE and IP litigations, coupled with the arduous tasks of collecting and preserving data are the number one and two main headaches facing legal professionals today. Comments such as “…when budgeting a matter I need specifics from my e-discovery vendor so I can communicate articulately with MY Client…” Responders also keyed on collections issues such as “…the most critical phase of the project is the set-up, meaning the [custodian] questionnaire through the handling of the laptops.” Lastly, there were comments about vendor stability. “The consolidation in the market place is confusing, I want to interface with one consistent person throughout the project.”

Survey Findings & Highlights:
General Industry Information

  • Greatest challenge working with litigation support vendors – Price and Cost Certainty.
  • Most common reason for outsourcing to a litigation support vendor – Technical Expertise & Forensics.
  • Most common area for improvement – Deeper Technical Expertise and Consistent Billing Practices.

BlackStone Centric Feedback

  • Increase client education on diversity of services – Predictive Coding and Alternative Hosting Solutions.
  • BlackStone Discovery separates itself through – Customer Service, Communication and Technical Expertise.
  • 97.9 % of respondents would recommend BlackStone Discovery to another legal professional.

President and CEO John P. Kelly remarked, “BlackStone Discovery values our client’s feedback and is committed to providing the most consistent dependable litigation support available. Our client’s issues are BlackStone’s opportunities. BlackStone will continue to address each of these issues in an effort to provide consistency, technology and stability to all of our clients. BlackStone remains grateful for all of our clients’ business, their feedback, and their continued trust in BlackStone Discovery.”

BlackStone Discovery
BlackStone Discovery is Silicon Valley’s preferred e-discovery and litigation support firm working with high technology corporate legal counsels and international law firms. Offering a wide range of services that span the entire e-discovery and document management spectrum, BlackStone delivers forensic collection, native file analysis, electronic discovery, database hosting, attorney review and traditional paper discovery services. By leveraging industry leading technology and employing a quick start and adaptable approach known as The Rapid Response Methodology “RRM”, BlackStone Discovery delivers the most cost effective and defensible data available. BlackStone’s team of highly trained professionals provides every client with a cost-effective, low risk, and defensible solution. For additional information please call (650) 331-3000 or visit www.blackstonediscovery.com.



K&L Gates

"Cost is never an issue when dealing with BlackStone, they are always focused on the smartest way to solve a problem..."

Partner, K&L Gates
Morgan Lewis

"The Blackstone team has been an invaluable extension of our litigation teams for many years. [The BlackStone Team] always take a personal interest in our work and deliver a quality product within the confines of our demanding deadlines. The Blackstone team has assisted us with document collections, discovery matters and trial preparation.  Blackstone is an excellent eDiscovery partner for us."

Stephen Gillen, Morgan Lewis
Todd Roberts, Ropers Majeski Kohn & Bentley

"As a longtime client, I rely on BlackStone Discovery for their comprehensive eDiscovery support services. BlackStone has the technical understanding and experienced project management to support our diverse needs. Whether it's forensic collection, early case assessment, ESI processing, hosting, or general litigation support I would highly recommend the BlackStone Discovery team."

Todd Roberts, Ropers Majeski Kohn & Bentley
Neda Shakoori, McManis Faulkner

"I have always been impressed with Blackstone's response times and the care they take to address my ediscovery issues in the most practical and efficient way possible. I have recommended colleagues to Blackstone and have received positive feedback relative to the work Blackstone has performed."

Neda Shakoori, McManis Faulkner
DLA Piper

"The BlackStone team took the time to fully understand our requirements for discovery and was able to come up with a custom solution to our needs. They have been nothing but professional and provided us with the some of the most powerful tools in the industry to get our data culling, tagging, filtering, and conversions done quickly and efficiently"

Senior Attorney, DLA Piper
Perkins Coie LLP

"I rely upon Blackstone because they are always ready to provide prompt, thorough, and cost efficient support. They also have the knowledge and experience to advise even our largest clients how to best tackle the clients' discovery issues."

Daniel Shvodian, Perkins Coie LLP
Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan, LLP

"I've used BlackStone for years now and have nothing but the best results. From the collections to the production, the professionals at BlackStone knew exactly what they were doing and kept us in the loop throughout every phase of the project. Knowing that you are putting yourself in the hands of such professionals puts a huge weight of my shoulders and lets me focus on other parts of my business."