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Litigation Response Procedures

Litigation Response Procedures

The modern workplace is a tangle of infrastructure and data. Electronically stored information (ESI) can reside in a plethora of locations: personal computers, mobile phones, network drives, cloud storage, backups, collaborative workspaces, thumb drives, etc. Without a framework for managing the various data locations and access points, it is easy to lose track of data, improperly respond to discovery requests, and incorrectly implement retention policies and litigation holds. It is impossible to preserve critical data if there is no reference for locating it or process to prevent its deletion during routine maintenance, data migrations, or staff errors. Working closely with IT, legal, security, and HR our professionals evaluate your existing corporate policies and procedures in order to customize an implement a repeatable model for litigation response. Increasing not only the efficiently, but all together removing the painful fire drill.

Legal Hold Automation

BlackStone leverages industry leading legal hold systems that extend beyond simple email notifications. Issue, update and release holds in minutes. Automated hold acknowledgement and hold obligation reminders. Customized hold templates and unified comprehensive status reporting at real-time speeds. This technology, when paired with a Data Map, allows clients to rapidly place custodians on hold and avoid data spoliation. We offer corporate centric training and support for immediate and seamless integration of this technology in any corporation’s legal department.

Customized Workflow & Protocol Development

Blackstone’s consulting team helps our corporate clients successfully navigate the complex ESI landscape by designing litigation response workflows and protocols that incorporates best practices for data identification, collection, early case analysis, processing, review, and production. Blackstone’s litigation response workflow ensures your company has a consistent, defensible, and rapid litigation response. Our team evaluates procedures currently in use and identifies what is working and what needs to be addressed. Because this process can appear daunting and time consuming we have developed a clear and concise road map to expedite the process. This map provides a focused approach to target priority areas of concern while working towards to greater objective of a comprehensive E-Discovery workflow and protocol document. Priority focus areas often include:

  • Records Retention Policies
  • Employee Transfer or Termination Process
  • Data Migration, System Upgrade, and New technology Procedures
  • Digital Evidence Management
  • Legal Hold Management
  • Defensible Data Collection Procedures
  • Internal Chain of Custody Tracking
  • Litigation Response Procedures
  • Data Mapping & Access


K&L Gates

"Cost is never an issue when dealing with BlackStone, they are always focused on the smartest way to solve a problem..."

Partner, K&L Gates
Morgan Lewis

"The Blackstone team has been an invaluable extension of our litigation teams for many years. [The BlackStone Team] always take a personal interest in our work and deliver a quality product within the confines of our demanding deadlines. The Blackstone team has assisted us with document collections, discovery matters and trial preparation.  Blackstone is an excellent eDiscovery partner for us."

Stephen Gillen, Morgan Lewis
Todd Roberts, Ropers Majeski Kohn & Bentley

"As a longtime client, I rely on BlackStone Discovery for their comprehensive eDiscovery support services. BlackStone has the technical understanding and experienced project management to support our diverse needs. Whether it's forensic collection, early case assessment, ESI processing, hosting, or general litigation support I would highly recommend the BlackStone Discovery team."

Todd Roberts, Ropers Majeski Kohn & Bentley
Neda Shakoori, McManis Faulkner

"I have always been impressed with Blackstone's response times and the care they take to address my ediscovery issues in the most practical and efficient way possible. I have recommended colleagues to Blackstone and have received positive feedback relative to the work Blackstone has performed."

Neda Shakoori, McManis Faulkner
DLA Piper

"The BlackStone team took the time to fully understand our requirements for discovery and was able to come up with a custom solution to our needs. They have been nothing but professional and provided us with the some of the most powerful tools in the industry to get our data culling, tagging, filtering, and conversions done quickly and efficiently"

Senior Attorney, DLA Piper
Perkins Coie LLP

"I rely upon Blackstone because they are always ready to provide prompt, thorough, and cost efficient support. They also have the knowledge and experience to advise even our largest clients how to best tackle the clients' discovery issues."

Daniel Shvodian, Perkins Coie LLP
Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan, LLP

"I've used BlackStone for years now and have nothing but the best results. From the collections to the production, the professionals at BlackStone knew exactly what they were doing and kept us in the loop throughout every phase of the project. Knowing that you are putting yourself in the hands of such professionals puts a huge weight of my shoulders and lets me focus on other parts of my business."