Control the Process. Optimize your Costs. Never Miss a Task.

The biggest challenge law firms and corporate counsel face when managing sensitive data in a litigation is the ability to have visibility into the workflows and management of their data once it leaves their facility. At BlackStone we pride ourselves on proactive communication and complete transparency when managing eDiscovery projects, with the help of our customized project management software LinkStone.

LinkStone is the platform of the future for eDiscovery projects. The task oriented software gives real time status updates on current tasks and allows clients to track their projects from beginning to end. With LinkStone, everything you need to know about your project is in one place, including your customized pricing model where you can track the cost of your project. Most importantly, LinkStone’s AI oversees projects to ensure complete transparency and defensibility.

Designed for our clients’ needs, LinkStone simplifies the complexity of eDiscovery cases into a defensible production package that you can rely on to win.

LinkStone Benefits

  • Centralized, secure communication and collaboration with project management, review, and technical team on‐demand in a single workspace.
  • Budget management & adherence ‐ Tracking data, budget and project alerts.
  • Work flow coordination ‐ managing requests, expectations, deliverables and deadlines.
  • Reporting & integration with outside systems.

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