We understand how important it is to provide predictable high quality results – defensible results – on every discovery project we deliver. Whether you are using our collection, hosting, processing, or review platforms you can assure that your data is safe and your documents are kept completely confidential. We integrate quality control into each stage of the discovery process and continually enhance our capabilities to ensure the highest quality deliverables possible.

  • All technical personnel are trained extensively in all quality control procedures
  • A comprehensive quality control checklist guides every project to ensure consistent accuracy and completion of all deliverables
  • All work is checked against the initial project intake form and against any subsequent change orders to insure accuracy
  • No process of work may proceed to the next phase of the processing pipeline without first passing quality control inspection
  • All quality control is performed based on a peer review system such that no technician may confirm his/her own work
  • Multiple integrity checks throughout the process insure defensibility

Security in the legal industry is extremely critical. We pride ourselves with highly secured network infrastructures that are defensible from any security breaches. System administrators can grant or deny any permission on a customized basis. In addition to workflow-based security, we provide a variety of secure authentication methods.

Our project managers ensure defensibility through great communication and careful execution.