Rapid Response Methodology

Developed in response to clients’ need for improved communication, custom solutions and results – on each and every project throughout the discovery process -- BlackStone Discovery’s Rapid Response Methodology, or “RRM”, ensures a quick start and adaptable approach that keeps clients in control as requirements change.

From the project outset, our team of project managers works closely
with our clients to:

  • quickly understand the current environment and the desired output
  • customize custom solutions, and
  • deliver results.

How can the RRM make a difference for you?

  • By employing a consultative approach to meet your unique e-discovery and document management needs.
  • By designing custom solutions for managing your sensitive data sets.
  • By delivering on your requirements, while keeping you, your data, and your team in control.
  • By finding the information that matters.

Accelerated Understanding

At BlackStone Discovery we understand the importance of good communication, which is why the first step in our process is to listen. Our clients’ needs are most important, and through listening to everything you have to say we are able to strategically frame the issues that need to be addressed. We are confident in our up front consulting and planning, and certain that our best practices will fit your needs. BlackStone develops and implements exclusive project management tools to meet your needs; our Needs Analysis, Discovery Log, and Budget Analysis are just a few ways we help keep you in control.

Customized Solutions

At BlackStone Discovery we pride ourselves on developing an individualized solution plan for each client. After the data is analyzed by our production team and put through our Strategic Filtering Process, we guide you through your options in order to take the next step. Our team excels at optimization, and we will do whatever we can to optimize the process for you. Once all of this is set in place, BlackStone will work with you to finalize the project design. We stand out above the rest because we are always re-evaluating our solutions and through constant communication with you, we make sure our customized solution is always on target.

Delivering Results

At BlackStone Discovery our expertise enables you to leverage technology. Working collectively with an online data platform, you are able to use online review tools to manage your data. Our experienced team makes it easy for you to make any necessary changes throughout the entire process. BlackStone’s change management and adaptability is impeccable and we will work closely with you to make sure deadlines are always met. We are confident that you will be happy with the final data production and overall performance with regard to Guaranteed Quality, Budget and Cost Management, and “Keeping you and your Team in Control”.