Time & Cost Savings

Discovery-related costs continue to increase as the complexity of electronic data collection and processing mount. In fact, some reports have shown that discovery related fees alone can directly account for upwards of 50% of the total litigation budget pending the decisions made by the legal team to handle document review. Furthermore, the discovery approaches utilized during litigation will impact attorney hours throughout the lifespan of the matter.

As an experienced provider of discovery services, BlackStone is able to present well thought out and cost-conscious discovery strategies to both the in-house and outside counsel legal teams. Other strategies we employ to help control costs include:

  • Getting involved early on with any new litigation,
  • Becoming familiar with previous litigation matters
  • Understanding and presenting the appropriate technologies available, and
  • Having a familiarity with both broad and specific nuances which can be deployed during the discovery process.

BlackStone understands how to impact the budget by

  • Limiting the impact of litigation on normal business activities,
  • Controlling resources spent on non-relevant data, and
  • Fostering communication between all parties involved (in-house legal team, IT department, and outside counsel).

Smart corporations and seasoned attorneys know that to meet budgetary guidelines, all aspects of a litigation matter must be taken into consideration. BlackStone Discovery specializes in working with in-house legal departments and outside counsel to develop budget conscious solutions for litigation discovery. BlackStone understands the how important costs are in a matter or project, so our project managers work with you to customize your projects that meet your objectives.