Data Collection & Computer Forensics

BlackStone Discovery’s forensic examiners collect data in the most defensible and forensically sound manner. We work closely with our clients to preserve the chain of custody in anticipation of litigation and to mitigate the risk of evidence loss.

We have the tools and technology to collect anywhere, anytime. There is no source or place where our team will not be able to collect data from even in the most meticulous places imaginable. In addition, clients who use our remote based collection tool are never strapped with the burdens of facilitating and managing data collections.

Our team will collect data from multiple sources including laptops, desktops, network servers, cloud environments, cell phones, and much more. The scope of collection needed will be identified during consultation to make this process as smooth as possible.

Our professionals maintain comprehensive documentation pertaining to your case and are prepared to testify relevant to the defensibility and methodology of the process. All collected data is logged and a chain of custody is maintained throughout the life of the data.

Our collection and forensic services include:

  • Detailed data analysis
  • Data filtering, tagging, and processing
  • Native file review
  • Hosted database solutions
  • Data collections and forensic services
  • Keyword searching
  • Data entry
  • Meta data identification and extraction
  • OCR, coding, and indexing
  • De-duplication of files and e-mails
  • Blowbacks and digital printing- import/export data to any database solution
  • The latest discovery services & technologies and approaches

Our collection services also include certified forensic collectors as well as the leading industry hold and collection platform.

Remote Collections
We offer a collection tool that allows you to collect data from anywhere, anytime. Quickly and easily initiate collections remotely without a forensic technician. Receive live updates on the status of collections and data types collected.

Legal Hold Management
Our legal hold is an integrated, easy-to-use system that doesn’t require software to be installed or additional hardware be purchased. It quickly creates and distributes legal hold notices online.  With this system you can:

  • Automate reminders acknowledgement tracking with detailed audit reports - ensure defensibility
  • Avoids miscommunications, confusion and errors which can spawn additional costs, adverse judgments and sanctions.
  • Replaces cumbersome spreadsheets and communications with an efficient workflow and centralized online control panel.

Once your custodians have acknowledged their Litigation Holds, you can begin the collection process from the same workflow.

Data Profiler
Our Data Profiler tool runs remotely scanning the users drive based on predetermined criteria. You get live updates on the scan’s progress, as well as a detailed report indicating the types and amounts of data for each custodian. With our tool, you are able to:

  • Run Data Profiler Reports per custodian
  • Determine budget for processing and review
  • Develop overall collection strategy and prep for your meet and confer