BlackStone does more than just collect and process data. Our seasoned team of dedicated professionals works together with law firms and corporate legal departments, lending our in-depth knowledge to design customized discovery plans. We coordinate people, technologies and resources, managing the entire discovery process. And we provide expertise, strategic advice and problem-solving support every step of the way.

  • Detailed case designs
  • Workflow & forensic collection management
  • Meet and confer technology strategies
  • Database hosting on any platform

Plus, we can help you identify and implement best practices for data preservation, to help protect data which might be required in the future from destruction or alteration.

Our consulting keeps you in control at all times. The key to success is planning the approach up front to ensure all issues are resolved and no surprises occur during subsequent steps. The earlier you engage BlackStone the more your project will be on target and save critical time and money.


BlackStone Discovery’s highly skilled consultants will assist you in identifying key information regarding the scope, breadth and depth of electronically stored information that might be pursued during discovery. They take into consideration any claims and defenses, preservation demands, disclosure requirements and discovery demands. Starting with a larger pool of potentially discoverable electronically stored information, they assess how much should be preserved and collected to be used with successful impact during depositions and negotiations with opposing counsel or as critical factual elements underlying the key allegations in the case.


We understand the importance of preservation, which is why at BlackStone we ensure that electronically stored information is protected against destruction or alterations.

  • Best Practices
  • SOPs
  • Project Designs