Paper Discovery

While much of today’s case-critical data is stored in electronic format, printed documents are still critical elements of the discovery process, requiring specialized expertise, planning and resources.

BlackStone provides clients with complete discovery solutions for both print and electronic data, allowing better control and management of all data through a single discovery expert. Our team of professionals can handle any volume of paper production to meet your needs, from simple duplication to converting paper to digital form, performing quality checks at each stage of the process.

Whether it’s a hard bound book or boxes full of hardcopies, our professionals are skilled in duplicating documents and replacing the originals so that it looks as though they have never been touched. There is no project too difficult for us. Hardcopies are priced on a grade scale of difficulty from “A” Grade which is copying paper with limited number of barriers (staples, paper-clips, folders, & etc.) to “E” Grade which is typically copying a bound book and requires an operator to manually feed each page.

BlackStone Discovery is dedicated to providing the least expensive, highest quality document services for all of our clients, big or small. We are open 24/7 so your document needs are always completed within the deadline. As an outsourcer to Fedex, our facilities have the capacity to complete projects of any size, from flyers for a birthday party or trial exhibits for a matter.

We specialize in complex reproduction projects that require close attention to detail and dependable delivery with often very short timelines. Services include:

Reprographics Services

  • Photocopying
  • Color Copying
  • Oversize Documents & Maps
  • Binding & Finishing Services
  • Numbering & Labeling
  • Confidential Stamping
  • 24/7 Rush Services
  • On-Site Photocopying
  • Coding - Auto, Basic & Subjective

Digital Services

  • Scanning & Imaging
  • Document Breaks & Unitization
  • Document Annotation/Redaction
  • Document Archiving
  • Digital Bates Numbering & Designating
  • OCR & Text File Processing
  • High Speed Printing
  • TIFF & PDF Conversions and Blowbacks
  • Tape Restoration & Conversion

Management Services

  • Cost Effective Document Management Strategies
  • Project Management & Consulting
  • Facilities Management
  • Technical Support

Additional Services

  • Onsite & Offsite Document Review
  • Document Storage
  • Mailing Services
  • Audio, Video CD/DVD Duplication
  • Legal Briefs
  • Trial/Deposition Support


We produce the highest quality black and white or color copies that are identical to its original. Our technologies allow us to copy thousands of sheets in less than an hour. We offer a wide array of paper types ranging from plain white paper to glossy cardstock to fit your needs.


BlackStone Discovery can transfer high-volume black and white or color paper documents into digital files that can be converted into formats such as PDF, TIF, JGP, BMP, etc. These files can then be stored in USB, CD, DVD, or electronic format.


Our highly-trained professionals bind documents of various sizes and forms and ensure flawless work every time. We offer a wide range of colors and sizes, including Velo, Coil, Tape, Wire, Drilling, GBC, ACCO, and Deposition.

Oversize Printing

Using state-of-the-art technology, our experts are able to print banners, trial exhibits, posters and any other large sized projects. Whether the image is digital or hardcopy, or black and white or color, we can take it and turn it into an oversized document with quick turnaround time.

Binder duplication

BlackStone Discovery specialists can take a binder of any size or color and duplicate it making sure that every single page is exactly identical to its original and error free. Printed pages can also be inserted into binders to include numbered tabs, exhibit tabs, custom print tabs, color tabs, covers, and spines. Our Quality Control process ensures that there are no streaks, misprints, or cutoffs in any sheets throughout the binders.

Rush Projects

BlackStone Discovery’s highly skilled team does not sleep because we know that there is a need for rush projects at any time of the day. Whether you need a project done within minutes or hours, we will be able to meet your deadline with time to spare.

Our skilled team accelerates the process as much as possible while providing predictable, error-free deliverables every time. When changes occur, any element of an export can be produced individually to further save costs, enhance accuracy and save time in the critical production stage.

We are committed to providing high quality results. Our experienced professionals have a keen eye for details and errors during our routine quality control check to ensure flawless deliverables every time. All hardcopy projects undergo a rigorous Quality Control (“QC”) process where each page is checked for contrast, orientation, and cut-offs ensuring that all projects leave our facilities the way they came in.