Data Processing, Coding & Indexing

BlackStone’s processing technology platform provides the speed & efficiency, flexibility & customization, and quality & accuracy required to defensibly process, code and index large and small volumes of electronic data of all types for virtually any client turnaround requirement.

Our senior project managers and consultants first work with clients to customize a workflow to meet the specific case-driven goals encompassing best of breed technologies and processes to help assist in achieving the most targeted and responsive dataset possible prior to processing and review.

Our trained technical services employees and highly scalable data center infrastructure allows us to quickly and efficiently ramp up to meet the production demands of large-volume time sensitive projects. Our senior project managers will incorporate the technical and personnel resources necessary, on a case-by-case basis, and will customize a workflow designed to meet the objectives of any given project.

BlackStone provides extensive processing capabilities to extract more information more accurately from your critical e-discovery data:

  • Secure, 24/7 data processing center
  • Processing capabilities for all matter sizes and legacy files types
  • De-duplication & special data filters
  • Data conversion
  • Load file preparation for most third-party tools
  • Accurate indexes for search & culling
    • Document coding
    • Optical character recognition
    • Discovery logs

Predictive Coding

BlackStone Discovery offers predictive coding technologies that allow for a quick and efficient process of finding key documents, irrespective of keyword. The daunting task of document review is time consuming and wastes hundreds of valuable hours. Our automated predictive review technology allows us to automatically tag and code documents to be reviewed by our service professionals. Compared to manual review, this automated review platform ensures accuracy, consistency, efficiency and defensibility for all data.