E-Discovery Project Management

BlackStone clients receive a dedicated project manager who works with them throughout the discovery process. These highly trained individuals give our clients the control and flexibility to respond to litigation in a cost effective and defensible manner, being open to questions and suggestions at any time of the day.

Our project managers proactively communicate, openly and frequently, to ensure consistency in vision and strategy. They are flexible and responsive to adjustments that inevitably arise during every case. And by following these three principles of our Rapid Response Methodology, are able to guarantee a high level of project success and client satisfaction.

Step 1: Accelerate Understanding
  • Listen
  • Frame issues
  • Share best practices
  • Develop needs analysis
Step 2: Customize Solutions
  • Analyze data set
  • Guide through options
  • Optimize process
  • Finalize project design
Step 3: Deliver Results
  • Leverage technology
  • Manage changes
  • Produce data
  • Guarantee quality

BlackStone Discovery’s highly skilled consultants will assist you in identifying key information regarding the scope, breadth and depth of electronically stored information that might be pursued during discovery.

They take into consideration any claims and defenses, preservation demands, disclosure requirements and discovery demands.

Starting with a larger pool of potentially discoverable electronically stored information they assess how much should be preserved and collected to be used with successful impact during depositions and negotiations with opposing counsel or as critical factual elements underlying they key allegations in the case.

At BlackStone Discovery we believe that great project management begins and ends with great planning. To ensure high level communication at all times, BlackStone maintains top-notch project support to guide you through your project and provides key reporting at critical points in the process, making sure you receive the guidance and tools to win your case.

Benefits of E-Discovery case management

  • Ensures that BlackStone is being utilized in an efficient and defensible manner
  • Allows internal staff to develop their proficiency with e-Discovery process by leveraging BlackStone's expertise
  • Ensures that a given matter is handled smoothly and efficiently, developing confidence in the ability to meet court mandated deadlines