Native File Review & Assessment

Once all potentially relevant sources of data have been collected and processed the discovery process moves to native file review. The approach taken in this phase can significantly impact the costs of litigation. BlackStone works closely with clients to create custom solutions for quickly and effectively reviewing native client files.

BlackStone will make recommendations on the appropriate review method based upon:

  • The nature of the matter
  • The data collected, and
  • The familiarity of the outside counsel’s document review team with the hosted solution.

Robust review technology and extensive experience enable BlackStone’s professional team to lead the effort in minimizing resources spent in review activities before documents ever reach outside counsel. Services include:

  • Free Early Case Assessment (ECA)
  • Isolate only relevant documents
  • Data culling to remove extraneous files
  • Tag and export relevant documents

Helping clients win cases is a priority here at BlackStone. Our proven review services can reduce the billable hours outside counsel invests into reviewing native files to find potentially relevant documents and to find the few ‘hot-docs’ that will impact whether or not the litigation matter will be won or lost.

Regardless of the desired approach, BlackStone creates custom solutions for quickly reviewing native client files. By creating a Data Analysis or ‘Snapshots’ prior to beginning processing for attorney review, this first pass of the client data allows for the formulation of discovery approaches to fit any budget and time restraint.

With the advent of technology, the rise of data generates a high volume of non-relevant information that must be reviewed in order to find the data that matters most to the case. Similar to finding a needle in a haystack, a trusted discovery partner assists counsel with isolating only potentially relevant documents.