Choose the Right Tool
for the Job

BlackStone Technology

At BlackStone, our experienced litigators and forensic investigators leverage cutting edge technology to help you be more efficient. Silicon Valley is home to the best and newest software needed to win your case. Located in Palo Alto, BlackStone stays ahead of the game with a team of experts in E-Data and eDiscovery technology. We also develop our own technology like LineOut, the fastest redaction tool on the market. BlackStone has customized the well-known project management software Mavenlink to optimize eDiscovery and Information Governance projects.

Tools We Use to Help You Win

Early Litigation Intelligence (ELI)

Expert Analysis. Big Savings.


  • Cull data defensibly
  • Extract data defensibly without passing over nested files
  • Natural language filtering
  • Safely accessible for multiple parties
  • Understand reviewability of data
  • Evaluate your case based on BlackStone’s data polling
  • Get recommendations for data to be processed



Control the process. Optimize your costs. Never miss a task.


  • Centralized, Secure Communication and collaboration with project management, review, and technical team on‐demand in a single workspace.
  • Budget Management & Adherence ‐ Tracking data, budget and project alerts.
  • Work flow Coordination ‐ managing requests, expectations, deliverables and deadlines.
  • Reporting &Integration with outside systems.



Rapid Redaction. Cost Effective Discovery


  • Converts all formulas to values
  • Removes all external links
  • Scrubs metadata, comments, etc.
  • Redacts full rows that do not contain a specified term


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