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eDiscovery 3.0 - Part I
eDiscovery 3.0 - Part II
eDiscovery 3.0 - Seminar Highlights

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eDiscovery 3.0

What You Really Need to Know About eDiscovery - PART I

Keynote: Craig Ball
Award-winning speaker Craig Ball breaks down the complexities of eDiscovery and present them in a simple, easy-to-understand manner. He delves into the pervasiveness of managing digital information and discusses new technologies that can be used effectively in litigation. Craig explains how eDiscovery experts identify, collect, and manage data from your iPhone to your network and everything in between.


eDiscovery 3.0

What You Really Need to Know About eDiscovery - Panel Discussion - PART II

Panel: Navigating Global Litigation
Our panel of leading eDiscovery experts will share their insights on international litigation and give advice on strategies to overcome cross-border differences. These topics include obtaining evidence located abroad, managing global litigation, and enforcing foreign rules and judgments. Additionally, the panelists will provide the audience with information on the latest tools, techniques, and practices of eDiscovery.

Robert D. Brownstone, eDiscovery Counsel, Fenwick & West LLP
Jason Anderson, Assistant General Counsel, Skype
David Lisi, Partner, DLA Piper
Paul Starrett, Counsel, Chief Business Operations Officer, UBIC North America
John P. Kelly, Moderator, President & CEO, BlackStone Discovery


eDiscovery 3.0

What You Really Need to Know About eDiscovery - Seminar Highlights

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BlackStone Discovery and UBIC North America proudly present a technology seminar delivering an in-depth look at the world of eDiscovery and international litigation. Eminent eDiscovery experts will discuss eDiscovery approaches and analyze the tools you need to implement as best practices in your international litigation. This event is targeted at professionals and organizations involved in litigation.