BlackStone Discovery Continues Growth of Forensics and Cyber Investigations Division


“BlackStone Discovery, the premier legal technology and consulting services provider, announces the addition of Jack Farley to its Cyber Investigations division.  Mr. Farley’s hiring comes as part of BlackStone’s rapid expansion of its forensic services offering, enhancing their position as the “go-to” partner for cyber investigations, incident response, and forensic e-discovery services.

Mr. Farley’s knowledge and experience are both exceptional, but it is his passion and dedication to forensic investigations that sets him apart.  A true student of digital forensics, Jack subscribes to the BlackStone mantra of continuously improving, keeping his expertise constantly on the cutting-edge of the industry.

BlackStone’s Lead Cyber Investigator, James Sahm, summed it best, saying, “Jack is fully embedded in the forensic community as not only a peer to the top thinkers in the industry, but also as an authority and resource.  His insights will help BlackStone design the next iteration of what an advanced cyber investigation will look like, and clients will see the benefit reflected in both quality and cost.”

In addition to his expertise in computer & digital forensics, Farley further specializes in forensic tool development, incident response, and malware analysis.  Before joining BlackStone, Farley was part of Stroz Friedberg’s incident response team in Dallas after serving as part of Sony’s digital forensics team prior to that.

“We are building something unique at BlackStone,” said President Derek Duarte, “And Jack will be a special part of that.  Coupling his knowledge with the talent we have already brought to the company, BlackStone is primed to offer the most comprehensive and sophisticated forensic solutions in the industry.”

About BlackStone Discovery

BlackStone Discovery is a premier legal technology and consulting provider, working with leading Fortune 500 companies and AM Law 100 firms. Born in Silicon Valley and expanding globally from its Palo Alto Headquarters, BlackStone has spearheaded the search for digital truth and its translation into legal rights in litigation, investigations, and data governance.  Using best-in-class tool integration, automation, artificial intelligence, and a diverse team of legal and technology experts, BlackStone achieves optimal and efficient results on behalf of its clients.

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