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From information governance consulting to early data insights, Blackstone Discovery’s consulting team helps clients reduce eDiscovery costs, mitigate data risks, and improve litigation outcomes. Built upon over a decade of experience and internal development, BlackStone has established a unique combination of data expertise and focused eDiscovery lifecycle management. BlackStone’s ESI Data Mapping, best practice protocol drafting, and litigation response workflow design is coordinated with our clients’ internal IT and security initiatives to ensure a sustainable and secure litigation response plan.

Our Services


BlackStone’s certified forensic experts provide early case insights to make your eDiscovery strategy future proof. Our team leverages industry-leading tools to extract and preserve data from all relevant data sources.


With a deep bench of experienced attorney reviewers, you get the knowledge and expertise that leads to better and more efficient outcomes. In document review, the right expertise results in the best outcomes.


Our eDiscovery Services were designed to anticipate your needs and deliver tangible value at every step of the eDiscovery process. We make it easy for you to look good with best-of-breed technology at your fingertips.


We offer solutions for all your trial support needs. Including, document copying, document imaging, digital printing, full color copying, oversize capabilities, full service binding  and audio & video duplication services.


BlackStone has seasoned experts to assist you with uncovering digital artifacts in the most remote places, regardless of the device or data source impacted.  Our team has cutting-edge solutions to investigate and reconstruct the history of any incident, including, but not limited to, exiting employee exfiltration, network breach, IP theft, and criminal mischief.

  • "As a longtime client, I rely on BlackStone Discovery for their comprehensive eDiscovery support services. BlackStone has the technical understanding and experienced project management to support our diverse needs. Whether it’s forensic collection, early case assessment, ESI processing, hosting, or general litigation support I would highly recommend the BlackStone Discovery team.”

    Managing Partner Ropers Majeski Kohn & Bentley

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