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Office Locations

Global Headquarters
Silicon Valley Center
2656 East Bayshore Road
Palo Alto, CA 94303
T: 650.331.3000

San Francisco Office
SOMA Center
650 California St.
San Francisco, CA 94108
T: 415.689.5738

Los Angeles Office
Gas Company Tower
555 West Fifth Street 31st Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90013
T: 213.394.3082

Salt Lake City Office
Broadway Media Center
50 West Broadway, Suite 300
Salt Lake, UT 84101
T: 801.335.9053

New York Office
Chrysler Building
405 Lexington Avenue, 26th Floor
New York City, NY 10174
T: 646.381.8960

Taipei Office
Walsin Xinyi Building
1 Songzhi Road 11th Floor
Taipei, 11047, Taiwan
T: 650.331.3000

India Office
#303, Nikhit Arcade
Kasturi Nagar, Bangalore, 560043
Karnataka, India
T: 843.278.2036

Manila Office
Support Center
1 Corporate Centre, Julia Vargas Ave.
Pasig City, PH 1605
T: 650.331.3000

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