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Extensive knowledge of forensic artifacts and complex attacker tactics tools and procedures (TTPs). Ability to analyze large data sources efficiently, and identify critical data quickly.

Incident Response/Intrusion Analysis

  • Ability to identify malware and persistence mechanisms residing solely within system memory
  • Able to identify malicious command and control servers, and other indicators of compromise
  • Experience analyzing attacker commands and identifying complex data exfiltration pathways
  • Memory Forensics
  • Malware Analysis
  • Netflow/PCAP Data Analysis


Proven experience identifying and exposing complex data exfiltration activities. Routinely utilize extensive knowledge of forensic artifacts and exfiltration pathways to track client data that left their network.

  • Repeated success identifying intellectual property theft, and recovering the raw data upload activity to cloud storage platforms
  • Capability to identify suspicious employee behavior and associated file activities
  • Employee Data Exfiltration
  • Mobile Forensics Expertise


Knowledge of advanced data extraction methodologies from mobile devices. Ability to extract critical data from damaged Android devices, where traditional methods would fail.

  • Knowledge of advanced In System Programming methodologies to recover images from damaged phones.
  • Experience removing memory chips from phones, in order to extract data.
  • JTAG/ISP Data Extractions.
  • Chip-Off


Comprehensive knowledge of forensic artifacts, and security procedures and best practices. Experience dealing with the aftermath of large-scale intrusion incidents.

  • Investigation Scoping
  • Incident Remediation

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