Early Litigation Intelligence (ELI)

Expert Analysis. Big Savings.

Strategic Insights that Cut Cost

BlackStone’s team of eDiscovery and forensic experts can provide insights into and analysis from ESI before the cost of discovery becomes burdensome. Early Litigation Intelligence (ELI) reports give our clients strategic insights that enable them to understand the scope of discovery, so that an effective case strategy is developed early on. These reports cut downstream costs associated with processing and review, as well as ensuring our clients retain all relevant case information while optimizing the eDiscovery process.

Proportionality at your fingertips

Most eDiscovery customers pay too much because of irrelevant data being loaded on to expensive processing and review platforms. At BlackStone, we’re committed to providing cost effective solutions for our clients by targeting the right data, so that you can defensibly streamline your data set without sacrificing a full preservation.

Reviewable Files by Category, GB
ESI Lifecycle: improved data management by cost and phase of discovery


Early case assessment is all about visualizing data to identify trends and locate the most important information so that processing and review is defensible and cost efficient. BlackStone’s ELI takes this process to the next level with the following features:

  • Cull data defensibly
  • Extract data defensibly without passing over nested files
  • Natural language filtering
  • Safely accessible for multiple parties
  • Understand reviewability of data
  • Evaluate your case based on BlackStone’s data polling
  • Get recommendations for data to be processed

A closer look at the different approaches: cost to review by data classification.


BlackStone Discovery - Linear Review


Traditional ECA


Blacktone ELI

Sample cases


Sample Cases - BlackStone Discovery


Sample Cases - BlackStone Discovery
  • “I’ve used BlackStone for years now and have nothing but the best results. From the collections to the production, the professionals at BlackStone knew exactly what they were doing and kept us in the loop throughout every phase of the project. Knowing that you are putting yourself in the hands of such professionals puts a huge weight off my shoulders and lets me focus on other parts of my business.”

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