With BlackStone,
Knowledge is on Your Side

Areas of Expertise

BlackStone’s team of former litigators, certified experts, and daubert tested consultants provide your team with the expertise to win in a wide variety of cases and investigations.

  • Experience in 100s of IP cases, managing every point of exposure
  • Former litigators as consultants with expertise in DTSA and ITC
  • Forensic team with extensive experience in trade secret theft and exiting employee investigations
  • Information Governance services to secure IP and avoid unnecessary future expenses
  • Customized consulting approach that understands no two cases are the same
  • Certified forensic ISO 27001 lab where our investigators leverage cutting edge forensic technology and customized scripting to resolve investigations before expenses rise

eDiscovery Provider in the IP Trial of the Century

Case Study: BlackStone’s team was relied upon for fast turnarounds and production during the Samsung vs. Apple ‘IP Trial of the Century’. Developed collection, processing, and review techniques over new file formats from Korean data sources.

Sensitive Product Info Leak

Case Study: Helped identify leakers of product information and financial data. Leakers were sophisticated IT security personnel at the company. Worked past obfuscated data exfiltration paths using cloud based data sources and traditional investigative techniques to identify culprits.

Rogue Employee Leaking Classified Information

Case Study: When one of our high-tech clients was alerted to a rogue employee leaking customer information, BlackStone swiftly identified the culprit and uncovered evidence for conviction.

ITC Intellectual Property

Case Study: Managed eDiscovery needs for client in ITC case with accelerated litigation calendar.

  • Expertise in uncovering data to de-certify the class
  • 20+ former attorneys with experience in class action cases as consultants and reviewers
  • Approach discovery smarter, cost-effectively
  • ELI reports cut processing expenses up to 85%
  • Fast turnarounds without sacrificing defensibility

Upholding Arbitration Clauses in Consumer Class Action

Case Study: Assisted with discovery strategy for upholding validity of arbitration clauses in consumer class action.

Data Breach Class Action

Case Study: Developed strategy to cut out 95% of search term volume from broad discovery request by class, resulting in huge savings for client and assisting in case victory.

Experienced attorneys in FTC Antitrust Law and Sherman Act Violations help you:

  • Develop solutions for overly broad and unduly burdensome discovery requests
  • Safely engage in pre-discovery meet and confer
  • Initiate a procedure for mutually agreeing on search terms
  • Defensibly limit custodians to reduce production volume
  • Identify the best culling strategy for your case
  • Use best practices to reduce document review costs

Rigid DOJ Specifications for Online Retailer Investigation

Case Study: Investigated set of employees at large online retailer whose leaks had exposed the company to an Antitrust Investigation. With rigid production specifications from the DOJ, BlackStone pinpointed relevant data and reduced the amount of data to be processed from a 6 TB collection, while satisfying the DOJ’s demands. BlackStone received feedback from DOJ office that production was highest quality they had ever seen.

Antitrust Case Support and Recovery

Case Study: Determined scope of spoliation and recovered data using servers and tape backups for communications equipment company engaged in Antitrust lawsuit. Collected and processed over 11 TB of data for hosting and review, helping client to win case.

  • BlackStone’s multi-phase process yields a high quality, defensible product while reducing costs
  • Hatch Waxman Review team with experience in over 50 cases each
  • Expertise in pharmacy, engineering, chemistry, biology, and medicine
  • Extensive Orange Book knowledge
  • Experts with industry specific terminology, associated privilege, and confidentiality issues
  • High quality, deadline driven production of documents
  • Review teams led by former litigators who act as liaisons between clients, the eDiscovery operations team, and the document review team

International Collection and Review for Pharma Trial

Case Study: Orchestrated simultaneous global collections in Bangalore, India and United States for Pharma trial. Pharma experts from BlackStone delivered optimized review.


Technology: Automated redaction technology LineOut saves clients an average of 83% on redactions.

  • Highly experienced in security incident response cases
  • Deep analysis and investigation of breach by forensic experts and review analysts
  • Expertise in phishing attacks
  • Large-scale data analysis capabilities
  • Extensive log retrieval and analysis capabilities
  • Investigators go beyond identification of artifacts to provide intelligence through evidence
  • In-house, ISO 27001 certified forensic lab
  • Daubert certified expert testimony supports easy authentication and defensibility of evidence

Leaks of Classified Data to Media

Case Study: Assisted leading cloud-storage company with identifying sources of highly confidential information leaked to national news outlets.  Reviewed over 20 potential sources during the course of the investigation and identified the leak point within 10 days.

State Sponsored Hacking of Customer Data

Case Study: Assisted Fortune 1000 corporation in responding to state-sponsored hacking of customer data.  From crafting enterprise-wide response to managing subsequent breach notification, litigation, and establishing future information governance policy, BlackStone assisted in every step of the response.

Data Breach and lost PII notifications

Case Study: Supported national law firm with data breach investigation and customer notification obligations.  Identified repositories that were leaked and built a categorized-PII and contact information index to allow for notification of affected parties.

  • We help our clients take back ownership of their valuable data assets
  • Hundreds of investigations performed for theft of customer lists, secret formulas, source code, and strategy documents
  • Expedited ESI preservation and investigation reveal evidence quicker, often saving clients millions and preventing unnecessary litigation
  • Investigators uncover digital footprints from emails, file history, internet history, USB drives, cloud storage, and more
  • All relevant devices are investigated and prevented remote access

Internal Leak to Press

Case Study: Tracked down internal company leak to press outlet. Collected 20 devices, produced intelligence, and identified leaker in one week.

Social Media Death Threats

Case Study: Validated death threats towards client’s executive and located individual responsible, who ended up being competitor. Swift closure of investigation prevented exposure to public eye.

IT Security Leaker Identification

Case Study: Helped identify leakers of financial data and product information, who were sophisticated leakers and IT security personnel at the company. Worked past obfuscated data exfiltration paths using cloud based data sources and traditional investigative techniques.

Major Retailer’s Staff Embezzling Funds

Case Study: Collected and investigated devices across five locations simultaneously. Found electronic evidence that broke open the case within four days, which the law firm had failed to do in a month.

  • Top technology that analyzes all patterns, not just keywords
  • Predictive coding cuts cost and time
  • We help our clients visualize data graphically to collaborate on key factors
  • Powerful text analytics technology
  • We triangulate analytics: Categorization, Language ID, Clustering, Email Threading, Textual near Duplicates, Similar Document Detection, Keyword Expansion, Concept Searching, Assisted Review
  • Explore data in layers
  • Structural, Conceptual, and Predictive analytics

Predictive Coding of 3 Million Documents

Case Study: Used predictive coding to review 3,000,000 documents for under $200,000 within a month’s time for patent litigation. Review experts from BlackStone’s Silicon Valley and Salt Lake City offices collaborated to optimize the review process.

“On top of the timely and courteous responses from BlackStone to our numerous (often last-minute) requests, there wasn’t a single mistake in the many jobs they returned to us. It was a huge stress relief.”

-Lori Duignan Zuckerman | Spaeder LLP

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In this episode of the .Dat File, Derek shares his perspective on how the eDiscovery landscape is changing for vendors and law firms, his opinion on why lawyers are so hesitant to embrace new technology and how we can apply the lessons learned in big data analytics to eDiscovery problems. Derek currently manages the eDiscovery consulting, forensics and technology development groups at Blackstone Discovery, a well-respected vendor in northern California.