Maximum Results. Zero Surprises.

Cutting-Edge Solutions for Any Source

Future Proof. Defensible. eDiscovery Ready.


Multi-pronged approach to collecting legacy and cutting edge data sources efficiently and cost effectively.

  • Employ Certified Forensics Experts
  • Provide 24/7 collections support in North America
  • Build custom solutions in house to meet esoteric technology requirements
  • Utilize industry leading tools including EnCase, Cellebrite, X1 Social Discovery, MacQuisition, FTK
  • Support International Collections
  • Research frontline technologies to eliminate exposures


When it comes to the last mile, what you don’t need are surprises or exposures.

  • In house, secure forensics lab
  • Certified Forensics Experts, available to testify
  • ISO 27001 Certified
  • Attorney designed chain of custody protocols
  • Documented chain of custody, collections, and procedures


Save time and money in downstream processes with early stage data normalization.

  • BlackStone’s proprietary Early Litigation Intelligence (ELI) reporting, provides automated data classification pre-processing
  • Cross-functional early case teams collaborate for superior quality and accelerated results
  • “I’ve used BlackStone for years now and have nothing but the best results. From the collections to the production, the professionals at BlackStone knew exactly what they were doing and kept us in the loop throughout every phase of the project. Knowing that you are putting yourself in the hands of such professionals puts a huge weight off my shoulders and lets me focus on other parts of my business.”

    Partner Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan, LLP

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