Line Out

The fastest, most cost effective native redaction tool available

Redacting Excel spreadsheets can be an eDiscovery nightmare because of the enormous page count required to image robust spreadsheets. Printing one spreadsheet can create hundreds of pages with rows crossing multiple pages. This is extremely expensive for an attorney to redact. Many native redaction tools don’t handle redaction from excel well either. Other tools effectively use search terms to find information, but don’t redact full rows with the speed and accuracy that LineOut does.

Our solution, LineOut, uses search terms to determine the data you want to keep and redacts all other lines. This allows it to quickly and automatically redact large tables stored in Excel. In addition to this it removes all metadata and history recorded in the spreadsheet ensuring that the data is permanently removed and unrecoverable.

LineOut is the fastest, most cost effective native redaction tool available, reading entire rows instead of individual cells.


  • Converts all formulas to values
  • Removes all external links
  • Scrubs metadata, comments, etc.
  • Redacts full rows that do not contain a specified term

“The BlackStone team took the time to fully understand our requirements for discovery and was able to come up with a custom solution to our needs. They have been nothing but professional and provided us with the some of the most powerful tools in the industry to get our data culling, tagging, filtering, and conversions done quickly and efficiently.”

Senior Attorney, DLA Piper