Managed Review

Litigators supporting litigators.

Proven Workflows for Vetted Attorneys

Experienced. Cost Efficient. Technology Enhanced.


Experienced attorneys yield high impact results with a minimal amount of your time invested.

  • Complete vetting of attorneys and partners
  • Expertise with the knowledge and experience of “what it should look like”
  • LPO Partnerships
  • Local and national review teams
  • A bench of available attorneys, organized by expertise and experience


Highly organized processes delivers quality results and accessible insights promote confidence.

  • Tiered reviewer “bench” priced by experience and capability
  • Customized coding panels to optimize review speed, accuracy, and automated privilege log creation
  • Advanced review teams
  • Optimized, multi-level review workflows administered by subject matter experts (1st pass, QC, Privilege)


Minimizing the cost of the most expensive EDRM phase through the use of technology.

  • Technology Assisted Review
  • Automated Redactions
  • Brainspace Analytics
  • Predictive Coding
  • Near-duping
  • Email Threading
  • Native Excel Redaction
  • “On top of the timely and courteous responses from BlackStone to our numerous (often last-minute) requests, there wasn’t a single mistake in the many jobs they returned to us. It was a huge stress relief.”

    Lori Duignan Zukerman Spaeder LLP

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