Andrew Kowalewski is the Managing Director of East Coast Operations. He is responsible for strategic leadership and day-to-day management for Blackstone’s East Coast Operations Center. His purview includes overseeing the staffing, training and management of document review attorneys and electronic discovery professionals in our Washington DC area office.

Andrew came to BlackStone with over 13 years of experience in eDiscovery, and almost 18 years of experience in the legal field. A seasoned attorney with a J.D. from Temple University School of Law, Kowalewski applied his litigation experience as a criminal prosecutor to the eDiscovery industry, focusing on intersection of technology and law. Before undertaking his current role, Andrew held the position of Staff Attorney Manager at Covington and Burling, LLP, where he oversaw the nationwide Staff Attorney Program and was responsible for the supervision of hundreds of staff attorneys and contract reviewers on a daily basis.

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