Bryce Welke has been with BlackStone Discovery since 2013. As Director of Forensics, Bryce is responsible for delivering eDiscovery and Forensic services to BlackStone’s corporate and law firm clients. These services include eDiscovery consulting, forensic collections, digital evidence analysis and related investigative reporting. He is EnCE® certified and has extensive experience with Cellebrite, FTK and BlackBag Technology (i.e. MacQuisition & BlackLight). He has an advanced technical background and is responsible for managing forensic investigations and workflows while adapting BlackStone’s forensic technology solutions for the ever-evolving digital evidence sphere.

Prior to BlackStone Discovery, Bryce was a Forensic Technology Consultant at StoneTurn Group LLP, where he managed and routinely supported high profile forensic investigations. He holds a degree in Computer Engineering from the University of California Santa Barbara and was the founder of the UC Santa Barbara Ice Hockey Team.

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