Cat Pray is BlackStone Discovery’s Director of Managed Review.  Her primary role is managing the document review team in Blackstone’s Salt Lake City Review Center. She is responsible for staffing, training and leading teams of reviewers to give our review clients the best product and experience.

Cat has over 7 years of experience in document review as a review attorney, team lead, and manager. She has worked on and led second requests, cases with millions of documents, and teams of 200+ attorneys. Her primary focus for the last few years has been Hatch-Waxman reviews, where she has worked on hundreds of cases on the brand and generic side.

Prior to Blackstone, Cat has been an in-house counsel and has managed teams of hundreds of employees.  She has a background in corporate law and litigation.  She also has a background in the arts and teaches ballet in her spare time.  She is licensed to practice in New York and Utah.

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