As Solutions Architect, Danny is responsible for the development of BlackStone Discovery’s proprietary eDiscovery technology solutions, custom client software solutions, automation, and quality control. In addition, Danny oversees BlackStone Discovery’s infrastructure development and data security. Prior to BlackStone Discovery, Danny was a Linux Programmer for ReadyTech Corporation and a Network Support Engineer at Adax, Inc.

At Adax, he worked in software development, specializing in cloud and virtualization technology, as well as quality assurance. Danny handled numerous responsibilities including developing and maintaining programs to automate deployments of Windows and Linux based VMs, sanity checks, generating automated statistic reports, enhancing software features, and fixing bugs. On the QA side, he has set up, configured, and benchmarked complex gateway and telecom products.

His programming languages include: Java, BASH, Python, Tcl/Expect, C/C++, and Xcode, to name a few. Among his many diverse accomplishments, Danny developed a working demo for a new cloud hosting solution using python and open source API, and also developed a custom network program that transmitted specific telecom protocol packets to troubleshoot and resolve interoperability issues between three global leading telecom equipment vendors.

He holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from California State University, East Bay and a UNIX/Linux System Administration certificate from the University of California, Berkeley, where he earned a certificate of distinction. In his spare time Danny enjoys learning new languages, website/software development, and photography.

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