As Director of Client Solutions, Jamal oversees BlackStone Discovery’s Project Management team. His deep experience in eDiscovery is a core strength of the company’s renown consulting services. Since joining BlackStone in 2018, Jamal has guided numerous cases to successful outcomes and become a trusted partner of leading companies and law firms.

Before joining BlackStone, Jamal held management positions at Stratify, Navigant, Hewlett Packard, and PwC among other companies. He found early success in his career with Stratify as he managed 2 of the 3 largest projects in the company’s history, propelling the company to grow from $4 million in revenue to over $50 million within three years and eventually saw the company acquired by Iron Mountain in 2007 for $160 million.

At PwC, Jamal managed the development of its LA Forensic Lab and advised clients on litigation readiness and eDiscovery best practices as Manager of Forensic Technology. As Client Services Director at Hewlett Packard, he ensured success for client information management programs and was responsible for implementing enterprise software solutions and executing implementations to improve internal and external processes. Most recently with Navigant, Speller worked in the Disputes & Investigations Consulting Practice managing high profile clients and strategic partnerships, developing training programs for Navigant Consultants, and assisting in numerous corporate and government investigations (including FCPA and SEC) from a technical perspective to recover and identify highly relevant and sensitive data.

Jamal’s case experience covers a wide range of areas, including class action lawsuits, mergers between pharmaceutical companies, and disputes between several large-scale credit providers. In one class action matter, Jamal culled a review set of nearly 5 million documents down to 1 million documents, saving approximately 50,000 hours of attorney review time. For the merger between pharmaceutical companies, Jamal led a team of fifteen consultants responsible for supporting a team of over fifty attorneys throughout an HSR second request.

In a dispute between several large-scale credit providers, Jamal led a team over twenty project managers, engineers, and support personnel responsible for the collection and processing of over 10 terabytes of data. The review database for the matter contained over 25 million documents with multiple languages. Jamal oversaw the segregation and management of the data to automate parts of the review process and accelerate review for a team of 500 contract attorneys. Despite various challenges due to the size, scope, and complexity of the project, it was completed on time, and per the required discovery request specifications.

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