Jeffrey joined the BlackStone Discovery team in 2016 as a Technical Analyst before becoming the company’s Data Operations Manager. At present, he manages the data operations team, enforcing effective quality control measures to ensure that all data operations processes are up to standard. Prior to joining BlackStone, Jeffrey enriched his knowledge and skills in eDiscovery while serving as an eDiscovery Legal Assistant for 2 years at Google. In this role, he helped execute and manage data collection, processing, enrichment, and export requests for custodial and non-custodial data. He also created training materials for specific tools or processes and evaluated outgoing production data while performing quality control measures.

Jeffrey holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with concentration in Information Systems from San Francisco State University. A true academic leader, he shared his passion for technology by participating in competitions. Jeffrey was a 2013 SAP Retail App Rumble finalist and won the SAP TechED Hackathon in the same year.

With over 5 years of combined eDiscovery and operations management experience, Jeffrey delivers growth and improved efficiency to the business through his mentorship and technical expertise.

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