John P. Kelly is the founder of BlackStone Discovery. He is responsible for the company’s strategic direction, overall management, and growth. John works closely with BlackStone Discovery partners and customers to streamline all aspects of the eDiscovery and information management process. Throughout his 20-year career working in the legal technology industry, John has been on the forefront of innovation – creating the first nationwide legal document services firm, and originating the first legal scanning and processing business on the West Coast.

With his experiences and knowledge in the discovery industry, John has given the legal community an opportunity to receive top notch discovery services without putting a hole in their pockets. Establishing BlackStone as Silicon Valley’s premier discovery partner, John has created a loyal client base through his ability to identify the underlying issues of the legal industry and implement best practices accordingly. His passion for bringing the best people and technology together at BlackStone has allowed clients to obtain the tools necessary to win their case.

John has always been at the forefront of initiatives to give back to the community. He is a Board Member of Community Legal Services which provides legal assistance to low income individuals and families in East Palo Alto. Serving the less fortunate local community with pro bono services is also a key part of BlackStone’s business model that John has implemented.

Prior to founding BlackStone Discovery, John held executive positions at Garage Technology Ventures, Netscape Communications, and NightRider Overnite Copy Service (IKON Office Solutions). He began his career as a legal assistant at the law offices of Morrison & Forester. During John’s career he has been recognized for his success in new company creation, building high energy teams, and in developing and delivering technology for the legal industry.

John holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of California at Berkeley, and a Masters in Business Administration from Santa Clara University. He is active in the local community and in coaching youth sports.

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