As Vice President of Sales at BlackStone Discovery, Judson has been a catalyst of operational excellence and growth. He is the head of sales for Northern California and leads teams dedicated to delivering the most cost-effective and sustainable solutions in the industry.

Judson has over 20 years of experience growing legal enterprises. His breadth of experience includes data collection, processing, hosting, production, and all aspects of eDiscovery consulting. He also has experience providing customized information governance solutions.

The knowledge and diverse skill set he holds in the industry have helped him gain a reputation for delivering innovative eDiscovery solutions that reduce risk and cost. Holt’s long-term client relationships stem from this dedication to educating clients and collaboratively finding customized solutions.

Prior to joining BlackStone, Judson was Founder and President of F1 Discovery, which he grew and sold in just three years. Before that, he helped grow Daegis, a legal software and solutions company, from the ground up as COO and Senior Vice President. Judson’s accomplishments were far reaching and impactful as the company experienced explosive growth and was ultimately acquired.

Throughout his professional career, Judson has developed and led numerous departmental directors and managed teams responsible for Business Development, Operations, Technical Support, Project Management, Information Technology (including Data Security), Data Collections, eDiscovery Analytics Consulting (eDAC), Managed Document Review (MDR), Software Development/QA and Product Management. As an industry leader, Judson also developed numerous innovative service offerings, including a remote data collection practice and technology, an eDAC team which utilized a ground-breaking iterative legal search process, and an Office 365 integration and migration consulting practice.

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