Minh Tran has been with BlackStone Discovery since the company was founded and is responsible for all operations. This includes: data service metrics, implementing cutting-edge software, maintaining processing, and recruiting technical expertise. As Vice President of Operations, Minh is responsible for the processing, production, and delivery of ESI. Minh has significant experience building solutions and managing large-scale computer forensic collections.

With over 10 years of operations management experience, Minh continuously delivers high quality customer experiences, while providing profitable results. In addition to his role as VP of operations, he assists the team with IT, accounting, and client services. His hard work and dedication to management have been at the core of BlackStone’s rise to becoming Silicon Valley’s premier eDiscovery provider.

Minh brings over a decade of professional services and production management experience to his role at BlackStone Discovery. Prior to joining the company, Minh held management positions at Remec Semiconductor, H&R Block, and SCKS. In these roles, Minh developed his consultative approach while delivering consistent financial results and maintaining high-level client relationships. Minh holds a Bachelor of Arts in Accounting from the University of Phoenix.

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