Blackstone Discovery is pleased to welcome Patricia Gardner to the team as our new head of operations.

Patricia has over 25 years of experience working in the legal sector covering all aspects of litigation support from working as a litigation paralegal managing large, complex litigation matters to building and managing paralegal and practice/litigation support departments for several large law firms.

Prior to switching to legal, Patricia worked in the technology industry for many years gaining experience with and an understanding of computer hardware, software, operations, development, and data management.

As the head of Development for Daegis, a nationwide e-Discovery vendor, Patricia was able to apply her extensive technology and litigation experience in designing and overseeing the development of software which spanned all aspects of e-Discovery including collection, processing, review, conversion, analytics, technology assisted review, and production.

Patricia was founder and Vice President of F1 Discovery – an e-Discovery company which she built from the ground up with Judson Holt, presently VP of Sales at Blackstone Discovery. She has been working as a consultant for the last few years assisting law firms and corporations with their e-Discovery and other technology-related needs including GDPR and CCPA compliance.

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