Thomas Gersey joined BlackStone Discovery as a Sr. Project Manager in 2015. In his former role as Director of Client Solutions, he oversaw the management of countless high-profile discovery projects. Gersey’s stature as an experienced attorney has been key to the execution of effective strategies for frequent complex litigations supported by BlackStone’s team. Under Thomas’s leadership, the Client Solutions group adopted a mission of partnering with clients to ensure that eDiscovery was approached strategically and with optimal litigation outcomes in mind. As VP of Operations & General Counsel, Gersey will continue to guide litigation strategy for clients while also scaling out the highly-praised workflows and practices that have led to numerous case victories.

Gersey specializes in advanced analytics at the early case assessment and review stages, bringing a deep understanding of litigation strategy, eDiscovery best practices, and business needs to every matter he manages. Of his many areas of expertise, he specializes in privilege, notably in helping clients navigate the sensitive issues surrounding privilege review workflows, QC safeguards, permissible redactions, production disputes, and defensible privilege logs.

Prior to BlackStone, Gersey worked as a Discovery and Document Review Staff Attorney for Google. He also has experience as an accountant, financial analyst, and litigator. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Corporate Finance from the University of Minnesota and both a Juris Doctor and LLM in Taxation from the University of San Diego.

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